cataract surgery has been evolved from 10 mm incision to 2.2 mm incision. intraocular lens [ IOL] has been evolved from PMMA rigid to hydrophobic acrylic foldable of different varitieslike aspheric yellow , multifocal, TORIC lens. We Do Provide World Class Facility with Excellent Technology.

We have latest instruments to perform precise cataract surgery like

  • Abbott – AMO sovereign compact cold Phaco machine with MICS facility from U.S.A.
  • Zeiss 1 FR Pro microscope with best optics from Germany
  • Nidek AL scan optical biometer for accurate errorless measurement of IOL power. It gives specs free life after surgery

We have fully equipped operation theatre with complete aseptic area. We have fully motorized OT table, motorized surgeon chair, cardiac monitor, radiofrequency cautery, etc.
We are doing sutureless cataract surgery by Phaco technique which gives instant visual recovery, no pain, no redness or watering, no infection. Patient can resume all indoor and outdoor activities same day.

Types of premium IOLs we are using

  • Aspheric foldable IOL – aspheric design of IOL gives better contrast of the picture, reduces glare, better vision at night time
  • Yellow aspheric IOL protects from UV rays of sunlight
  • Multifocal IOL- natural crystalline lens has accommodation capacity which can focus at far, intermediate and near distance with the help of intraocular muscles
  • In artificial IOLs, they have refractive-defractive design [ rings ] which helps in focusing far, intermediate and near objects. So, patient become glass free for remaining life.
  • It is so precise that it eliminates all the power of glasses patient wearing before surgery
  • It is available with different addition like +2.5, +3.25, +3.75 .
  • TORIC IOL – some of the patients have pre-existing astigmatism [ cylindrical power ]. It can be removed by TORIC lens implantation during surgery. So,patient becomes spectacles free and don’t need to wear glasses. Quality of vision also gets improved.